Full Leather Sleigh BedThe sleigh bed enjoys massive popularity across all age groups. It’s the single most popular bed design with people across all walks of life, a fact attributable to its steadfast charm. Over the years, sleigh beds have found room in kings’ homes and common man’s homes, differing in how they appear only in the extent of exquisiteness used in making them. It’s a beauty you won’t find in any type of bed, and this alone makes this bed attractive and inviting. What’s more, the sleigh bed defies style limitations, blending in perfectly with traditional and contemporary decor styles. That’s not all. The bed itself comes in many styles and designs. For this reason alone, shopping for one in Canada is always eye-opening, to say the least, and very exciting.

Types of sleigh beds
If you were to take a crash course on sleigh beds with the aim of coming away with as much information about these beds as possible, it would largely be focused on the types of sleigh beds available. Not that it would tell you all there is to know about these beds, because it probably wouldn’t touch on the styles and designs; but it would equip you with the basics, enlightening you about the foundation upon which all sleigh designs are based. These being:

The oldest type of sleigh bed ever made, the wooden sleigh bed may as well be the king of all sleigh beds. Wood was the material used to carve the first sleigh bed back in early 18th century. The results of this material choice are as stunning now as they were then, although, it has to be said that those craftsmen of old certainly knew how to add the shine to wood furniture. And the shine, in this case, didn’t come from metallic items added or other things. It came to be by the way the wood was carved: ornately, with intricate designs of sleek curves and lines crisscrossing to leave an eye catching impression. Modern wooden sleigh beds are not as elaborate, but they are beautiful in the natural type of way that only wood makes possible.

Janis Sleigh BedMetal
The metal category of sleigh beds is broad, with popular metals like steel, iron, wrought iron and aluminum forming the variety that is metal sleigh beds. They are sturdy, some comparable to solid wood, some slightly less so and others even sturdier, depending on the type and grade of metal used. This type of sleigh bed can be designed in both traditional and modern styles. The style is what determines how much detailing goes into making the bed.

This is another broad category, with numerous bed sub-types under the general kids’ beds in sleigh design. They include sleigh cot beds, sleigh toddler beds, twin sleigh beds, sleigh single beds, sleigh loft beds and sleigh bunk beds. Manufacturers alter the sleigh shape with each design to add a twist to how the beds look. Kids’ sleigh beds can be made from solid wood or metal, and are as hardy and durable as any other children’s bed.

For people who are always looking for ingenious ways to increase the storage space in their rooms, sleigh storage beds offer a noteworthy solution. The bed typically comes with underneath drawers where you can keep any number of items from clothes, shoes and bags to extra bed linen, books and toys.

Styles of sleigh beds
The style in which the sleigh bed is made is what gives the bed its personality. That said, you should also note that sleigh beds go well with other decor styles, regardless of the style the bed takes. A traditional sleigh bed can complement a modern bedroom well. In the same way, a contemporary sleigh bed can be added to a bedroom decked in a country, traditional or transitional theme. The most popular sleigh bed styles are explained below.

Martone Upholstered Sleigh BedTraditional
Traditional sleigh beds have an old time charm. Most are made from wood, although some designs are made using metal. These beds are distinguished from other styles by their ornate design, and reflect the flamboyant affair that was furniture making in the past.

In modern sleigh beds, the exaggerated curves common in traditional sleigh beds are absent. The sleigh shape is toned down to go with the clean look depicted by many modern themes. The range of materials used to make modern sleigh beds is wider, with engineered wood products, plywood, veneers and MDF making it to the list of raw materials used to make the modern sleigh bed.

Sleigh beds made in country style evoke visions of the charming, heartwarming country life. They have a bit of detailing to bring out the style, but effort is made to eliminate the sleek lines associated with the modern style. The beds are finished in warm or pastel colours that are complementary to the country theme.

Antique sleigh beds are just what you need to add to the room to give your bedroom a rustic touch. They are solely made from solid wood and stand out for their unique designs and excellent craftsmanship, owing to their handcrafted nature.

French Style
French sleigh beds are the epitome of artistic expression mused with fashionable style. It’s a wide category that includes numerous sub-classes of French style. Each sub-style represents a particular period in French history and is identified by the distinct trend that was adopted by the furniture makers of the day during the period in question.

Interest in the sleigh bed is not about to wane in Canada. There is every indication that people will still be enquiring about and buying sleigh beds in the foreseeable future. And it’s all because of the bed’s evergreen quality. This is a bed you can use all year long and never feel the need to replace it with a ‘trendier’ bed. Plus it looks just as cozy in the kids’ room as it does in an adult’s bedroom.